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In remembrance of Pearl Harbor, Anita Creamer wrote a wonderful story about WWII veterans and highlighted some local survivors. To read the whole story, click here. Near the end of the article, she spoke about Len Kovar, author of WWII Prisoner of War: How I Survived. Below is what she said about Len.

Retired Carmichael minister Leonard Kovar has told his story through the decades – first, to his mother, who wrote down his memories in the 1940s; then to his congregation and family. Talking about the events, he said, helps him heal.

Now 89, Kovar was an Army Air Corps bombardier navigator whose B-24 was shot down over Vienna on Aug. 22, 1944. His prisoner of war camp was liberated just before war’s end.

“It was a beautiful day,” he said. “Everything got quiet. You could hear heavy engines. Tanks were nearby. There was small arms fire, and I remember thinking, ‘Patton is here.’

“Then there was this eerie silence. I saw the Nazi flag being drawn down below the camp administration building, and a minute later the American flag was drawn up.

‘I stood there filthy dirty and hungry and scrawny and saluting my flag. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.’

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