Message from a young man who enjoyed Len Kovar’s book WWII Prisoner of War: How I Survived.


(Email Used with permission and was edited to protect privacy and for clarity)

From: Stefan <>
Subject: Meeting you at McClellan

Message Body:
Dear Len,

Hi, my name is Stefan and I am 12 years old. I met you at the museum
day at McClellan Aerospace museum. You and your wife were meeting people and
selling your book, WWII Prisoner of War: How I Survived. My mom bought your book and I just finished reading it. I really liked it. In your book I tried to understand
how really cold you were when you marched from camp to camp. It must have
been scary when the planes flew over you. I think it is good that you kept
your promise to God. When I grow up I want to be a pilot also.
The book was so good that I want to read it again, and my sisters and mom
are reading it also.

Thank you for writing your memories,
Carmichael, CA

P.S. I have a really good picture of you and  me and my sisters. Do you have
an address I could send it to? Ill try to send it here.

This mail is sent via contact form on WWII POW – How I Survived

Picture used with permission

Len Kovar meets a Fan: 12 year old Stefan at the Aerospace Museum of CA on Feb, 2, 2013

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