Len Kovar shares his survival story on 105.5 FM with Mark Montgomery


Len Kovar author of “WWII Prisoner of War; How I Survived” appeared on radio 105.5 FM on The Mark Montgomery Show. Len Kovar is 89 years old and is now making his story public about his difficult challenges to survive being shot down from 25,000 feet from his B-24 bomber and his eventual capture by the Nazi’s. He was a POW in Stalag prison camps and faced harsh death marches in the most brutal winter in Europe’s recorded history.

 Len Kovar on Radio 105.5 FM on the Veteran's Day Special Edition with Mark Montgomery

Listen to the Podcast of his interview:

http://www.smallbiztalkradio.com/podcast.php  Then Select Podcast:  “MMS 11-11-11 8-9A VETS DAY Lt. Kovar POW” and drag the time scroll to 20:15 on the timer (about half way into the podcast).

Len Kovar with Mark Montegomery Host of "Small Business Talk Radio"

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  1. daynah says:

    Thanks, Mr. Montgomery, for hosting this veteran and survivor. I have a nephew returned from two tours of Iraq and possibly going overseas again. We who love him cannot realize what he’s been through and worry about the affects on him. Listening to Mr. Kovar recount his experiences helps me know that even though the events are traumatic, people survive. They are a cummulation of all of their experiences and build who they choose to be for the rest of their life. I felt this was a worthy and helpful show. Thank you again. I enjoyed it.

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